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I’m having connection issues with my IP Address

A simple restart of your computer can fix issues most of the time.

For Windows 7, 8 or 10

We have launched a new version of customized Viscosity. If you are not yet using it, please install it here.

If you are already using it, click on the IPBurger icon in the bottom tray and click on ‘Refresh Profiles’ as shown.

For macOS

If you are on macOS, downloading the IP profile again and importing it into the software can help. If you need a guide, follow here

Testing Other Protocols

Sometimes Internet Providers block UDP VPN connections. In that case, TCP, Proxied TCP or Scrambled TCP profiles can solve connection/speed issues.

Here’s how you do it on Windows:

  • Click on VPN Protocols as shown 

  • Select VPN protocol that you need to try and click on apply as shown 

Here’s how you do it on macOS:

  • Go to Client Area -> Services -> Your IP -> Click the Clog icon on the right side of Download Profile Button as shown 

  • Choose TCP, Proxied TCP and Scrambled TCP as shown 

Try all of these profiles and see which one connects better.

Updated on January 11, 2019

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